Oly snatch

Midline stability:

3×10 KB goblet squat (light weight…hold a plate instead of a Kettlebell if needed.) Squeeze out maximum tension each rep.
3×5 each side Weighted side bends (same deal as with the goblet squats)

Push press 3×5


5 single arm swings to
5 KB push press, then repeat with opposite arm = 1 round

5 minute AMRAP



  1. Oly snatch 115# (how many reps/sets should i do?)

    Midline Stability real easy

    Press 115#

    AMRAP 18rnds + rt side (KB forehead high)

    Are you gonna repeat the series for W2? I didn’t want to miss the one I had to rest my back for

  2. Won’t be repeating the cycle – today is the last day of the week cycle (tomorrow is a rest day, and then we’re back to day one). You could make up the WOD tomorrow if it fits with your rest day – or skip it because there will be similar movements next week.

    As far as the oly skill work, do singles of as many sets as will give practice, but not overly fatigue for the strength/metcon work. Go based on how you feel for the day.

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