Both WODs:


Chinups – Perform a single rep. Pull as fast as possible on the way up, controlled (but not slow) on the way down. Rest.

8 Rounds or until failure

*The goal is maximum speed, so rest as needed.

5 Plyometric Pushups (click for example. Use weights, paralettes, or other objects to set the height)
50m Sprint – brief rest – 50m sprint back

8 Rounds

Post time to comments.

PostMetcon Strength:

4×10 Pike Press – Bring the feet closer to the hands or elevate the feet on a box for added challenge (this depends on your fatigue level from the metcon)

Rest as needed



  1. Chinups – stopped at 42 figured I was doing something wrong (sets of 2-4)

    Metcon – 20:36 100 running in place for 50yd sprint. Pushups to basketballs

    Post Metcon – Awesome

    My chest hurts!!!!!!

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