Figure 8 to hold
Clean to Lunge


15 RT/15LT Kettlebell Pushups – You can also lay the bell on its side for more stability
4 sets

15RT/15LT one-leg kettlebell deadlift
4 sets

rest, then


10 Kettlebell high pull RT
5 Goblet Squats
10 Kettlebell high pull LT

5 minute AMRAP


10 one arm swings RT
10 Alternating clean and press (5 rt/lt, switching hands each rep duh)
10 one arm swing LT

5 min AMRAP




  1. GS:
    Jerk session 10
    Snatch session 3

    Finally broke 30/30 in the snatch with 33/33.


    3 and 5

    Did Kettlebell pushups and pull up static holds post wod

  2. pushups: 4 sets of 10
    Deadlift: Set 1: 70# Set 2: 53
    Metcon #1: 5 sets, 10 highpulls and 5 goblet squats.

    Long run tomorrow.

    1. It was supposed to – wanted to get you used to the clean and press within a metcon without having to worry about muscle fatigue breaking down technique. See what I did there?

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