Less Frequently Asked Questions

So, some questions about the test WODs:

Why so many single movements?

With SpartanWOD, we’ve taken a limited equipment/limited skill set approach towards programming – placing intensity and movement proficiency above a large skill pool. In other words, everyone has limited time to train and no one, at the moment is a competitive Crossfitter, and so we spend our time with strength and conditioning instead of developing high skill movements like muscle-ups and double-unders. Someone can absolutely make the argument that high skill movements can create a higher intensity and contribute to more varied functional movement, but in keeping consistent with our approach, simplicity=intensity.

Single movement tests allow me to see where programming should go – what we are awesome at and what we suck at. For example, if pushup numbers go up, but press numbers do not, programming will need to address a vertical push deficiency.

We do have Benchmark WODs (for example, 15 swings, 15 burpees, 100m sprint – 6 rounds) that occur on a regular basis to assess conditioning levels, but these movement tests allow a more specific assessment.

In these tests, I am looking at movement proficiency as well as fitness.

Why 7 minute AMRAPs?

In the first 3-4 minutes of the set, you are using glycogen to produce effort. In other words, moving a heavy object fast (glycolytic energy system producing speed strength, for the nerds). Past that, your body begins to use oxygen to produce the work (oxidative energy system). In other words, moving an object over a long period of time. The programming here wants to firmly have a foot in both these domains, which is why almost all of the WODs hover around the 5-12 minute range, depending on your level of conditioning.

What if I miss a day?

Make up the WOD on another day. That day will suck for you and you will probably cry. But I need the test numbers.

There’s no way I will be able to run a 5k. 

Run/walk for twenty-three minutes and submit distance traveled.

I am getting ready for the Tough Mudder. Whaddoido?

You can still do these tests…the 5k fits in nicely. There are no sprint tests so it won’t interfere with your sport-specific training. If you need to prioritize, break up running and these tests with an ample amount of time for recovery in between (which would be smart for the regular WODs, anyway). Just eat enough good food (i.e., not mountain dew) and you’ll be fine.

What if I submit multiple posts for my results? Like…on day one I submit one, then the next day I submit another….

I will punch you and delete your posts.


One comment

  1. “What if I submit multiple posts for my results? Like…on day one I submit one, then the next day I submit another….”

    So you want all the results at end of the week?

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