Spartan Test I

Here are the WODs for the week. Do them in this order. Pace yourself through the sets, taking off out of the gate will lead to a quick crash and burn.

Day 1: 7 minute kettlebell swing AMRAP/7 minute squat AMRAP 

The swing is a double arm Russian swing. The standard for height is you should be able to look underneath the bell. Please “no-rep” yourself. Getting a “no-rep” sucks but doing the movement wrong sucks worse. You can set the bell down if you need to recover. Keep the technique throughout the set – shoulders pinched, chest open, hips snapping, etc. – and you will be successful. 7 minute AMRAPs of a single movement are unforgiving of crappy mechanics.

Rest 10 minutes. Hydrate etc…

The squat is an air squat. Hips should end up below the knees. Weight is on the heels, chest is open, back is straight especially at the bottom of the squat. Rest as needed.

Day 2: Max Chins/Max Pushups/Max Press

Warm up each of these by doing a couple sets of low reps of the movement right before your max effort. In other words, do a couple chins before your max chin, do a few pushups before your max pushups, etc…

Chins – Palms facing away, chin over the bar. Arms don’t need to be in full extension at the bottom (lowered all the way down) to avoid shoulder nastiness, but it should be close. You get one set for max reps.

Pushups – One set – Chest, not stomach touching the ground. It’s not a speed test, so don’t punch the floor to death.

Press – kettlebell press to overhead. This is a strict press, no help from the legs. Keep everything tight during the actual press – remember you are taking a heavy, large iron weapon directly over your face until your arm collapses – be smart. End the set a rep earlier than death. One set right, one set left.

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: 7 minute snatch (or high pull) AMRAP

High pull – Kettlebell goes through the legs and ends by your face. Keep the bell tight to the body. Change arms as needed throughout the 7 minutes. Count only total reps – no need to split hairs here.

Snatches – Bell ends in full extension overhead, switch arms as needed.

Day 5: 7 minute Burpee AMRAP

Set up a target about 6 inches above your reach. A rep is counted if you perform a burpee by doing a pushup off the floor, then jumping up and tapping the target.

Day 6: 5k Run

Run a 5k.



  1. 1mile- 8:30
    312 swings, no repped about myself about 15 times or so around the middle of it.
    190 squats, was trying for 30 a minutes pace but lost that around 3 minutes.

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