Rest/Makeup Day – About the Coming cycle

The next cycle will be four weeks. Some things:

1) We will attempt to address some of our issues with the vertical plane (pullups/pressing). This is important considering the amount of pressing we do with the kettlebell… a balanced shoulder is a healthy shoulder.

In order to get more volume and “grease the groove” a little better, the programming will take a page from Dan John’s “Easy Strength”: low amount of sets or reps, every (or almost every day). So for instance, when Day 1 comes around and it says “2 sets for max reps”, only do two sets, taking ample rest in between, knowing that you’ll be doing the same or similar movement tomorrow. You will feel like you can do more sets, and that’s the idea – getting stronger while still having gas in the tank to make yourself pass out during the WOD. (Please don’t make yourself pass out.)

The same subs apply: use a chair to assist, do half the movement, or whatever you need to help you get more reps. If your shoulders start to hurt, take a few days off of the pullups – tendonitis sucks.

2) If you’re eating like crap, you should stop eating like crap. 80% of this is what you eat. If you smoke while you jog you don’t break even.

3) Warmups will have practice elements in them – these are important. Still do joint mobility stuff and get the body warm, but even if you only have time to do a couple cleans or figure eights or whatever, you need to become proficient enough in these movements so that we can add them into the WODs – being able to perform them safely and with a high level of intensity. Expand the skill pool.

4) Start saving your pennies for heavier/another kettlebell. If you can swing a 25lbs kettlebell a billion times you will get bored, hate life, and quit. And not get stronger. And not increase your work capacity…aka, this will be a giant waste of time. Think about it this way, you spend $70 on a kettlebell, that is $6/month for a year. Do it to it.

5) Please don’t beat me at my WODs. It makes me sad. Matt and I are competing this week – if he wins, he gets to do a day of programming. He will probably come up with something like “Be dumb – 4 rounds for time”….it’s in all of our best interests for me to win.


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