W1D2 – Tuesday April 3


Practice Kettlebell snatch
Practice Kettlebell Thruster


Chinups (palms facing you)– Take 1/3 of your max reps, do a dynamic effort (explosive/plyometric/whatever you want to call it) 5 sets


10 Push press RT (Push press is just like the press, only add some drive with the legs to get the bell off your shoulder)
10 Push press LT
10 Box jumps (step off)
10 Kettlebell High Pull Rt
10 Kettlebell High Pull LT

To help you keep track, just remember – 10 Push Press/Box Jumps/High Pulls

5 rounds

*The box jump should be high enough that you need to jump to get there. A “box hop” just isn’t as eleet.

Rest ten minutes, then:

Perform 6 100m sprints at 70% of max speed. Jog back to start line and rest there (appx. 30 secs-1 minute)


Work on L-sit Progressions



  1. Chinups 4’s (easy)

    Metcon 13:37

    used 53# for Push Press
    53# for High Pull rnds 1-3 35# rnds 4-5

    sprinted in place – storm came through just in time (whew)

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