W1D4 – Tabata Kettlebell Goodness


Joint Mobility

Kettlebell Thruster
Kettlebell clean


Pullups: Descending ladder – start with your max reps for the day, and work your way down.  So…15-14-13-12….
Pushup: Descending ladder –  25 – 25 – 20 – 15 – 15 – 10 – 10 (of course, scale up/down if needed. The first set should be two or three reps shy of your one set max.)

Perform the first set of pullups, the first set of pushups, then rest.


Tabata Kettlebell Swings
Rest 2 Minutes
Tabata Goblet Squats
Rest 2 minutes
Tabata Snatch/high pull (alternate each round)

In each movement, your score is the round with the LOWEST reps. One score per movement, combine all three movements for your total.


10 V ups
10 Tuck ups

5 Rounds



  1. Enough with the patricide already! Sheesh!

    Pullups (palms out) 8-7-6….1
    Pushups 21-21-16-16(fail)-11-11-6-6

    KB swings 53# 11
    KB Goblets 53# 11 (shouda used 35# no explosion up)
    KB SN/HP 35# 10 (had to pause the rnd. Mr Pukie and cousin’ dizzy were in the house)

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