Joint Mobility
Short reps pushups and air squats


Chinups (palms toward)– Take 1/3 of your max reps, do an explosive 5 sets (stay fresh)

Metcon: (use a kettlebell for all movements)

5 snatch/high-pull
5 one-arm swing
1 clean
5 Front Squat
5 Press (push press if needed. Pause at lockout to enure the kettlebell is fixated.)
5 Front Squat

Repeat sequence opposite arm

Jog 200m

5 rounds

*Be mindful with what you’re doing…keep good technique. If you’re heading into WOD brain fog, stop and recover, then continue.



  1. More GS technique work today. Probably last week of solid technique, will start doing snatch/jerk ladders to get back into training.

    Climbed the rope for grip – keep doing this.

    A.M. 4min/2min rowing intervals
    P.M. Easy Strength – 225×5, 245×5, Barbell snatch, GS Technique, running and jumping squats

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