Warmup suggestions:

Light jogging
Leg swings
Low rep pushups, chinups and squats
Lower extremity Mobility WOD from yesterday’s post


25-20-20-15 Diamond pushups (scale reps if needed)
Ascending and Descending Chinup ladder (palms towards)

For the first set, perform one rep. Add a rep each set until you fail, then subtract a rep each set until you reach 0.

To save time, perform these three movement as a circuit, moving from one movement right into the next. But rest as needed to generate maximal speed/strength – don’t speed through like a metcon.


10 burpees
10 single-arm kettlebell swings (10 each arm)
100m shuttle (50 meters one way/50 meters back)

12 min AMRAP

Post total rounds to comments.

*Substitutions: Double arm swings for single-arms, plank burpee instead of full burpee



  1. GS Session 3 – Grip transition in the snatch felt better in the left hand. “Put it in the pocket” cue helps dip the hip later.

    GS conditioning: 2 min of two swings, two push presses, 7 rounds each arm

    DWOD: Strength: Pushups 20-15-15-10, Chinup ladder up to ten

    10 Burpees
    5 one hand swings each arm
    200m row

    5 rounds + 10 Burpees

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