Midline and Strength:

55 hollow bodies (break up as needed)
Pike Press: 4x max reps


Tabata Box jumps

rest 2 minutes

Tabata single arm kettlebell swing (alternate each round)

Rest 5 minutes (warm-up legs for running)

7x100m sprint – rest as needed to maintain 70 – 75% sprint speed

Post your score Tabata box jump (total) and kettlebell swing (total) scores. Post your fastest 100m sprint.




  1. Hollow bodies fine
    Pike Press 15-7-6-5 (last 3 rnds off box)

    Tabata Box Jumps (more step ups for me) 109
    Tabata KBs 35# 98

    Dont have a good way to time/measure runs

    1. Ella and I had good runs (about 1 block or so). Then walked a block, etc. Until the last run – stopped short – two deer in the Presbyterian church front lawn – little doe and buck with velvet fork horns. They were 25 yds from us and not scared. So we stopped and talked to them.

  2. Tabata SAKB swings: 95 (48 rt, 47 lt) @35#
    Tabata Box Jumps: 92

    I dont have a good place to run a full 100m.
    S0, instead I did 6 x ~50m @ 85-90%.
    I paced off 50 exaggerated steps in my parking lot.

    Each sprint was performed in 7.0 to 7.5 seconds.

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