Pushups/Chinups: 60%-65-65-60-60 of your max reps


8 reps of each:

Double-arm swings
Single arm RT
Single arm LT
H2H Swings (Alternating single arm)

4 rounds

Then repeat the movement, but with 4 reps of each

4 rounds

Post time to comments and weight used to comments.


Run 1 mile.

Post time to comments.



  1. I’ll be doing all the WODs this week while I’m in Wisconsin. I think this means that kettlebellwod has become a national phenomenon.

  2. WooHoo KB’s. Bring it!

    Pushups 20-22-22(1x break) – 17(f) -17(f)
    Chinups 8-9-8-7(f)-7(f)

    Conditioning: 35# 3:53+1:36=5:41 NO BACK PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mile: 9:06 (had to walk a couple of times due to back)

  3. 62# 7:44

    Pushups: 24-28-26-24
    Glute ham: 4×5
    Kb press 44# 4×5, 62 with 5-4-3-21 and 20 swings between.

    Total swing volume: 292
    5 90m sprints

  4. 20,22,24(felt good),20

    5:46, switched from 53# to 35# after first round. Back didn’t like single arm @ 53#

    10:04 on the run, felt pretty good.

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