10 Leg circles LT
10 Leg circles RT
10 Hollow Bodies

4 Rounds

Pike press 3x max reps

*try to go unbroken, if possible.


This is an ascending ladder AMRAP. The first round you do one rep of each exercise, the second you do two, etc. the goal is to get to the highest round possible within the time limit.

2 min AMRAP:

1, 2, 3….

Air squat

Rest two minutes

4 rounds – each round you reset back to 1.

Post combined scores from each round to comments.

*So, just so there’s no confusion, the WOD is work 2 minutes/rest 2 minutes, repeated 4 times. (Total working time equals 8 minutes).


150 two-handed swings

:40 on/ :20 off handstand or pike press hold for six minutes

6×100 sprint (walk back to recover)



  1. Conditioning 1st Rnd 6rnds +3 burpees 2nd Rnd 5rnds +4 burps – 3rd Rnd 5rnds +3 burps – 4thRnd 5rnds + 2burps

    Cashout: 53# 40-25-20-20-20-20-5 (had to break up sets as Coach Phil “be smart”)

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