So, being upside-down is fun.

We practice handstand progressions because it increases awareness of how the entire body is active during any overhead position. When holding a kettlebell overhead, (like in today’s half-snatch or tomorrow’s push press) it is easy for everything underneath the kettlebell to become slop. Shoulder is soft, midline is soft, legs are rubbery. Aka, sucky.

When you’re upside-down, the body needs to become more active to hold the position. I’ll shut up and let Carl explain:

(Sidenote: there may be some of you thinking “being upside-down is stupid and for girls I just wanna lift”. Get over yourselves and be more awesome.)

In WOD 2, we have the kettlebell half-snatch, which is just like a regular snatch only you drop the kettlebell into the rack position. This makes the lift less technical, so we can work harder, sooner. Here’s Federenko demonstrating:

In case you’re not familiar with the kettlebell snatch, here’s the man Jeff Martone explaining:


WOD 1:

50 V-ups
50 Superman
Practice Handstand Holds

Partition v-ups and supermans as needed. During v-ups and supermans, you should be holding the position while bracing or “squeezing” everything as tight as possible. Quality, not quantity. I will not pat you on the back if you post that you did 250 v-ups because “50 was too easy”.

WOD 2: 

3 minutes kettlebell half-snatch (try to keep it only a single arm -preferably your “weaker” arm, but switch if needed. Note in comments)

then (no rest)

9min AMRAP:

8 box Jumps
12 Overhead Lunges
15 Pushups

then (no rest)

3 minutes Half Snatch

**The overhead lunge video is alright, but his elbow should be locked out. We call this bent elbow a “soft” elbow. Handstand practice helps keep us aware of elbow positioning.



  1. WOD #1: RX
    Handstand holds, did 4 rounds, 45 sec rest in between;
    46s , 24s, 21s, 1m2s (got the groove on that last one)

    WOD #2: Started w/ left as it’s weaker. Did 53# KB for 1:40 and realized that was a bit zealous, then went to 35# for the remainder.

    Got 6 rounds + 8 BJ’s + 2 WL ( 36″ box, did 53# kb for first 2 rounds, then 35 for last 4)

    Just did 35# on the right for the full 3 min.

    With the half snatches, didn’t know I was supposed to count. Noted for next time.

  2. Vups, supermans as listed. Can’t do hand stands….

    38 half snatches @35# (weak as I was still mastering technique)

    4 rounds + box jumps, 3 lunges. Used 35# for first round of lunges 20# for rest.)

    46 half snatches @ 35#

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