01113 – Jerks and Jumping Squats How-To

Here’s a demo of the one-arm jerk:

The keys here:

1) Primary mover: the legs. The legs dip (this is called the first knee bend) and then drive the kettlebell off the chest.
2) There is a second knee bend after you get the kettlebell up in the air which will dip you “under” the kettlebell. This allows us to continue driving the kettlebell up with the legs, instead of pressing it out with the arm.

Another demo, just in case you can’t see the second knee bend:

Jumping Squats:

Notice how Rachinsky is going down into a almost) full squat, but his back stay in the same locked position, aka he’s not bending forwad at the bottom of the squat (Still can’t see it? Key in on his elbows. See how they always point forward and don’t end up pointing towards the floor at the bottom?)

You’re jumping just high enough to get off the ground. More like a “hopping squat”. But hopping sounds weak. So jumping squat it is.

WOD 1:

3x max pullups (palms away)
3×15 Hollow Bodies

Post pullups to comments.

No rest between movement.

WOD 2:

4 Rounds:

1 min one-arm jerk RT
1 min one-arm jerk LT
1 min rest

Post total RT and total LT to comments.

Rest as needed before WOD 3: five minutes or longer. Now would be a good time to start getting a little bit of protein, carbohydrate, and water into your system.

WOD 3:

5 Rounds for time:

20 kettlebell jumping squats
15 single-arm swings
10 Strict Press

Post time and weight used for comments.



  1. Question. WOD #1 states no rest between movements. Just to clarify, it’s perscribed to do 1 round of pull ups, then 1 round of hollow bodies, back and forth for 3 rounds? Or does that mean no rest between WOD #1 and #2? If neither of those, what then?

    1. Back and forth for three rounds. However, the first WOD is typically gymnastic work – this is less intense than the other work we do during the period because we’re trying to improve the quality of our positioning. Just keep moving.

      Unless a specific time is stated, root says “no rest”, rest until recovered before the next WOD.

      FAQs coming soon.

  2. WOD #1: 9 6 6= 21 Strict pull ups.

    WOD #2: #44 69R/67L

    WOD #3: #35 14:38

    WOD #3 wasn’t sure how to break up the swings and press’s. I did 15 swings right then 15 swings left, then 10 strict press right the 10 strict press left.

  3. WOD#1 : 14 – 6 – 9 + hollow bodies (did 5 second hold per rep)

    WOD #2: Rounds 1,2 @ 53# 15/15, 13/13, then round 3, 5 w/ 53# and 12 w/ 35# on L/R, then 16/16 w/ 35# on round 4, but held a 53# in the un-used hand to hit my core harder, awesome mod if anyone is interested.

    WOD #3: Jump Squats @ 32kg (71#) , Single arm swings @ 24kg (53#), press at 16kg (35#) each hand, did both at same time.


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