WOD 1:

4 rounds:
1min kettlebell push press RT
1min kettlebell push Press LT
1min rest

WOD 2:

6min AMRAP single arm-swings

Post total to comments.

*Push your grip here. We would rather get a lower score here and be improving physically – leading to a higher score later – than get a higher score there and not improve.

WOD 3:

3x max rep kettlebell Sumo Squats (heavy, use two kettlebells if needed)



  1. WOD #1 : 53# – 15/15, 15/15, 17/17, 15/15 = 62 L/R

    WOD #2: 70 reps @ 53#, 60 reps @ 35# = 130 total

    WOD #3: Round 1 – 88# each hand – 11 reps (weak)
    72# each hand – 27 reps
    88# each hand – 17 reps

    Bonus work : 3 x 5 (each side) turkish get ups (1st round @ 53# 2nd/3rd @ 35#)

    Hi / Low transition plank – 5 min (non-stop)

    1. Consider doing turkish getups before doing some of the higher intensity work. They are great, period, but especially great at getting mobile and getting the body ready to do work. Also, compared to the other work we do, they are higher risk, i.e. dropping it and crushing your face because you’re tired from the WOD.

      That would suck for you, and it would suck it lose one of the six people who actually post their scores (yeah, I’m talking to you 70 other people who visit this site daily).

      Of course, you know you better than I know you, so you can do what you want.

  2. Na, I did it cause I had some left in me. I wouldn’t ever do anything that I feel wasn’t safe. I’ve made too many mistakes and injured myself in the past. Thanks for the advice though , always open to some of that!

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