No rest between wods:

WOD 1:

4x Max pullups
4x Max pushups
4x Max Sumo Squats (Heavy)

*To be efficient with time, perform 1 set of pullups, then one set of pushups, then one set of sumo squats.

WOD 2:

5  minute double-arm swing (heavy)
5  minute single-arm swings

*Push the grip, not so much the pace.

Post weights used and total to comments.

WOD 3:

15 minute Run/Bike/Row/Jump Rope


One comment

  1. Not the best effort today. Felt sick aqfter wod1 and low back hurt during 2.

    WOD#1 PLUs 17-12-13-9=51
    PSUs 43-36-27-18 = 124 (had to break rnds 2+3)
    SSqs 106# 11-12-11-11

    WOD#2 73# dbls 90
    35# sgs 140

    WOD#3 15 mns of jump squats

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