Coming Up

cautionfaceIn an effort to offer more individualized programming, kettlebellWOD will start publishing two WODs per day, one for general physical preparation (GPP) and one for kettlebell sport.


GPP – “I use kettlebells for general fitness and don’t have a desire to compete.” …or.. “I need a monotony breaker from my kettlebell sport training”.

Kettlebell Sport – “I want to compete in kettlebell sport.”

What’s the difference? 

GPP is broad and general – many different movements are used and with the aim of being “good” at all of them. WODs are more “random” than in sport training.

Kettlebell sport is specific – fewer movements are used (primarily the snatch and jerk) with the aim of being “great” at them. WODs are more linear than in GPP.

Can I do both? 

You can do whatever you want. But you probably shouldn’t.

What’s up with the kettlebell levels on the right of the screen? 

That’s for the kettlebell sport programming. Test yourself to see which level you fall into – this test should be hard but with some still left in the tank. On the first day that says “kettlebell sport level”, you would start there. The next kettlebell sport level day, you would go to the next level and so on, until you are unable to complete the established time. Make another attempt at the level the next training session – if you make it, awesome, keep going – if not, backtrack a couple levels and build back up. This stalling is normal – the nervous system needs a break (typically around week 3 or 4 of consistent training).

But what do I do if I……I don’t have…..what about….? 

Because I’m publishing WODs for many different people in many different situations, you will have to use your brains. If something calls for a double-kettlebell movement and you only have one, do two rounds instead of one. Check out the Scaling 101 tab.

Can I tweak the program? 

You can do whatever you want. But you should probably use the energy you’re spending on creating your own secret squirrel program on lifting stuff.

Should I post my results? 







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