A lighter intensity day, so do the work but take it easy and don’t add anything. We’re focusing on midline stability.


Tempo Pullups

– Tempo is 2 seconds concentric and 2 seconds eccentric
– You must maintain constant motion, there can be no pauses at any point
– You must not hold your breath at any point, breathing must be constant
– no more than 40 seconds rest between sets
– Each set must be to done to complete muscular failure
– Perform as many sets as possible

Post reps used and total rounds to comments.

Explosive repeat pushups – around 30% of 1-set max – 8-12 rounds

– Each repetition must be as explosive as possible
– There can be no pauses between reps
– Sets will range from 10-20 seconds
– Rest intervals will vary from 40-20 seconds

Post reps used and total rounds to comments.


Rest as needed:
4x max rep hollow body
4x max forearm plank hold (squeeze everything tight)
4x max handstand hold


25 minutes of something monostructural: Jumping rope, running, cycling, rowing, etc. or a combination of any of them

Cooldown with some squat and lunge position position mobility

Kettlebell Sport

Deadlift 4×3 – same weight as Tuesday

8 Heavy snatch each arm  – 12 rounds, 1-minute rest between rounds
Rest as needed
8 heavy jerks – 12 rounds, 1 minute rest between rounds
Rest as needed
8 heavy one-arm swings each arm – 12 rounds, 30 -seconds between rounds

Row 3x2km 3 minute rest between rounds


One comment

  1. GPP
    Tempo Pullups (rings) 4x9sets
    Explosive Pushups 12×8 sets +9

    Hollow Bodies 60-50-40-30 secs
    Planks 50-30-20-62
    Handstands 47 (stopped after I almost broke mom’s knickknack getting my feet out of the rings)

    P.S. Today’s workout is 3.1 not 2.29. 30 days has Sept, April, June and Nov. All the rest have 31 except Feb which has 28 🙂

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