WOD 1:

As a moderately-paced circuit

3×10-15 reps strict press
3x max pullups
3x max v-ups

Rest 5 minutes, then

WOD 2:

25 burpees
45 one-arm kb swing RT
45 one-arm kb swing LT
25 burpees

Rest 3 minutes then repeat

Post time (minus rest) and weight used to comments.

Kettlebell Sport

Barbell Squat 2×5 (+5-10lbs from last week)

Sport Level Snatch
Rest 5 minutes
Sport Level Jerk
Rest 10 minutes

8 min AMRAP single-arm swings, switch as needed (use current level weight, focus on grip endurance)
Rest 5 minutes
6min AMRAP One-arm Jerks (heavier than level)

Kettlebell step-ups 15-minutes – use a 20-24″ box




  1. 10:10 10-9-16, 10-7-15, 10-6-11 with 53#kb
    subbed dbl crunch for vups; pullups on rings

    WOD #2 9:13, 10:12
    had to break burpees into pushups, mtn climbers, jump squats cuz getting dizzy sick

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