Tempo Pushups

– Tempo is 2 seconds concentric and 2 seconds eccentric
– You must maintain constant motion, there can be no pauses at any point
– You must not hold your breath at any point, breathing must be constant
– Sets will be 8-12 reps with no more than 40 seconds rest between them
– Each set must be to done to complete muscular failure
– Perform as many sets as possible

Post reps used and total rounds to comments.

Explosive repeat pullups – around 30% of 1-set max – 8-12 rounds

– Each repetition must be as explosive as possible
– There can be no pauses between reps
– Sets will range from 10-20 seconds
– Rest intervals will vary from 40-20 seconds

Post reps used and total rounds to comments.


6min AMRAP – rest 3 minutes – 6min AMRAP:
10 double-arm swings
10 jumping squats

Post total rounds to comments.

Kettlebell Sport

Squat 2×5, 3

GS Level Snatch
Rest 5 Minutes
GS Level Jerk
Rest 10 minutes

Tempo Pullups

Static Dynamic Jerks

 Hold rack position 10 seconds, perform 2 jerks, hold top jerk position 10 seconds. Repeat. Continue until failure. Record time, rest that amount of time and then repeat. Consider a light weight – the ultimate goal is 10 minutes.



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