3x max Pullups
3x max hold hollow body
3x max handstand hold


AMRAP 15minutes:

12 single-arm swings (6R/6L)
12 walking lunges (kettlebell in front rack, can stabilize with free hand. Alternate hands each round)
12 push press (6R/6L)

Kettlebell Sport

Barbell Squat 2×5 (+5-10lbs from last week)

Sport Level Snatch
Rest 5 minutes
Sport Level Jerk
Rest 10 minutes

10 min AMRAP single-arm swings, switch as needed (use current level weight, focus on grip endurance)
Rest 5 minutes
7 min AMRAP One-arm Jerks (heavier than level)

Kettlebell step-ups 15-minutes – use a 20-24″ box



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