GPP and kettlebell sport

15min AMRAP:

3 one-arm swing RT
3 squat with kettlebell in rack position
3 lunges RT leg only
3 one-arm jerks

repeat with opposite arm



  1. Sorry. Broke WOD this am. Wanted to keep learning my sermon for tomorrow. Couldn’t concentrate on both sermon and aerobic wod. Did strength WOD instead.

    WOD#1 double 53# strict press ladders 1..6..1, 1..5..1, 1..4,4..3,3..2,2..1,1

    WOD#2 Rack squats (2 35#s) 10,13,15,13,10,10
    Ring dips 10,13,13,14,10
    Rack lunges 10,10,6

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