WOD 1:

1minute max burpees
3minute clean and push press RT (heavy)
1 minute max burpees
3 minute clean and push press LT (heavy)
1 minute max burpees

Post total reps to comments

*burn down the burpees. Allow 30s or so after the burpees, before starting the 3min press amraps.

**If you don’t have a heavy kettlebell, use less leg drive on the push press. Make sure the bell pauses at the top of the press.


Row/bike/run 20minutes for distance

Kettlebell Sport

GS level jerk/snatch

30minute row for distance



  1. WOD#1 That’s gonna leave a mark. Did 73# clean/pp by bolting two tens onto a 53#. That’s hurts the forearm. Gotta get a real #73 someday. Anyway…

    Burpees 15-11-13
    Clean/PP 13-14

    WOD#3 6.05 miles Aerodyne

  2. KB Sport Workout:
    First time doing this so I started with something that looked like a challenge but that I could complete.
    Sport Level 10 with 20kg kettlebells (1 for snatch, 2 for jerk)

    Snatch Set 1: 28/28
    Snatch Set 2: 32/31
    Snatch Set 3: 28/30

    Jerk Set 1: 17
    Jerk Set 2: 18
    Jerk Set 3: 20

    No rower at my disposal. Cardio done as follows:
    30 min:
    KB sport style swing 20kg – 25 reps each arm
    Jump Rope 2 min.
    Run 400m.

    Comments: Next time I’ll go for 4-5 sets at each level. Not ready for 6 sets yet. Should I wait until I can do 6 sets at level 10 before moving to level 11?

    1. Typically people will progress through the amateur progression (3 rounds) through all the levels and then reset with a heavier kettlebell. This controls total volume a little better than adding rounds.

      1. Thank you. It makes sense. I could probably push and be competition ready in a month, but I don’t have any comps scheduled until August, September, and October. I’m looking forward to seeing how I progress with this plan.

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