Pullup Ladder


12 min AMRAP:

5 Push Press RT
5 single-arm swings RT
5 Squats with kb in front rack RT
5 Pushups

Use LT arm for next round, alternating arms each round.

*rest for three minutes after minute 6


30 minute Run/Jump Rope/Row

Kettlebell Sport

8 heavy one arm jerks (fast, with good technique), both hands, then rest one minute – 10 rounds

8 heavy one arm swings (fast, with good tenchnique) both hands, then rest one minute – 10 rounds

30 minute Run/Jump Rope/Row



    1. Thanks Elvin. Yes and no to the alternating – do one round all on one side, do the next on the opposite side. This is going to faster than having to change arms every rep.

  1. WOD1. 1-10-1 on rings…awful just awful…plenty of work to do yet!
    WOD2. 7 @ 45# ( finally went up in weight!)
    WOD3. Actually did this first, 3.5 miles
    Love this site!

  2. GS Workout

    Heaviest bell I have is a 24kg. Getting some heavier sport bells when the tax return comes :).

    Did 10 X 10 one arm jerks per arm, and 10 X 10 sport swings per arm. Good workout.

    30 min easy jog. Any advice on dealing with foot blisters?

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