WOD 1:

Pull-up ladder

WOD 2:

3 rounds:

4minute AMRAP:
5 box jumps (step down from box)
7 pushups
10 heavy double arm swings
Rest two minutes

So, 4min work/2min rest, 3 times.

WOD 3 (optional):

20 minute bike/run/jump rope/ or row

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level snatch/jerk or long cycle

3x max Tempo presses (2 seconds up two seconds down, no rest in rack – go lighter than competition with these) rest two to three minutes between

2x max sumo squats, rest 3 minutes between sets

2x max chin-ups



  1. WOD#1 1..3

    WOD#2 @16kg 15rnds (don’t have heavier bell, could have used one)

    WOD#3 skipped due to very active day and martial arta class in the evening.

    Good work out.

  2. GS Level 5 w 20Kg bells:
    Jerk: 13, 14, 13, 13
    Snatch: 24/24, 24/24, 24/24, 25/24

    Tempo Presses 16kg bells (done from a chair): 16, 20, 17

    Sumo Squats: First set with 24kg bell – 53 reps. Secone set with 2 16kg bells – 55 reps.

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