Both GPP and kettlebell sport

Kettlebell Pentathlon

Check out this link from the World Kettlebell Club for more specific instructions and video demos of each of the movements.

Essential rules are:

5 One-Arm Kettlebell Exercises:

#1 Clean – 120 reps max
#2 LongCycle Press – 60 reps max
#3 Jerk – 120 reps max
#4 Half Snatch – 108 reps max
#5 Push Press – 120 reps max

6 minute set for each exercise
5 minute recovery between sets
No points given for over max reps
Unlimited switching of hands, but once you set the kettlebell down your set is ended.
You choose what weight to use for each movement. For example, you could use 24kg for cleans, but 16kg for long cycle press.

Score is weight factor multiplied by reps – click here to calculate your score and post to comments.

Press, Push Press, and Jerk cannot be substituted for one another or a no-count will be issued

This pentathlon will take about an hour to complete. If you don’t have that amount of time, complete the number of movements you are able to do and finish tomorrow.

Make sure to do some mobility work today/eat enough food.



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