WOD 1:

3 rounds:
Max pullups
Max pushups
Max hollow body

Rest as needed

WOD 2:

6min AMRAP – 2min rest – 5min AMRAP

3 swings RT
3 lunges with kettlebell in rack RT
3 push press RT
3 swings RT

Repeat complex with left arm for 1 round

Kettlebell Sport

3rounds sport level snatch/jerk of long cycle, but with light bell (deload this week)

45+ minute aerobic bike/row/jump rope/run



  1. Terrible….ABSOLUTELY Terrible. Brain never got in the game and the body wimped out.

    WOD#1 Pullups 13 10 12
    Pushups 25 27 24
    Hollows :55 :53 :45

    WOD#2 stopped after 3 rnds with 53# – couldn’t find the groove

    forced myself to do Level 6 SPP with 35#

  2. Spent the weekend resting.
    Performed full 10 minute set2 with the 12kgs, 7 min rest between the two
    Jerk: 101 Snatch: 100/101

    30 min of 12kg swings and KB juggling.

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