Deload – Here it’s used as a noun – a back-off period to so that we can continue making forward progress and spend some time improving mobility to increase performance and prevent injury. Deloads usually become necessary after 3-4 weeks of continuous work.

Also, deload sucks because you’re not “working out”. But force yourself to be consistent and take it easy, and it will pay off.

If you just started following the site and have only been at it a week or two, simply go back to a previous week and follow the workouts.


45+ minutes of continuous aerobic work – run/bike/jump rope/row. You can also do light, low rep swings and press, as long as you “keep it light and happy”. Use a 15-20 minute mobility session as a cooldown.

Kettlebell Sport

Snatch/jerk or long cycle level, but with a light kettlebell

45+ minutes of continuous aerobic work – run/bike/jump rope/row. Use a 15-20 minute mobility session as a cooldown.

Some suggestions:

Overhead mobility:







Hip/ankle test:






  1. Just finished a trip on my bike.

    Did 30.71 km in 1:01:46. That’s an avg of 29.8 km/h. Top speed 52.1 km/h. Going to do mobility now.

    Those mobilty exercise, are we only supposed to do them if we have the problems he describes? Like not being able to go straight up while doing a press?

  2. This was fun. Did jump rope/situps/heavy bag/ slam balls/hamstring work. Kept it light and easy. Back isn’t used to doing high kicks anymore. It’s gonna hurt tomorrow. Have to do mobility work tonight.

  3. mattthewroberteich, lets do this.

    Level 8 LC with light bells for the aerobic impact. 30 min jog. I couldn’t breath the yellow fog that is Georgia pollen. Tomorrow will be swings and jump rope in the garage.

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