WOD 1:

One arm kettlebell clean – 2min RT/2min LT/1 minute rest – 3 rounds
Rest 3-4 minutes
One arm long cycle – 2 min RT/2Min LT/1 minute rest – 3 rounds

WOD 2:

Pullup ladder – 30s rest between sets

WOD 3:

30min aerobic monostructural (means only run/row/jump/bike or any combination of only these movements)

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Snatch/Jerk or Long Cycle

Heavy double kettlebell swings – 6 reps (fast), keeping technique clean – 10 rounds – rest as needed (30s – 1 minute)
*Heavy here means a click or two above competition, so if competition is 24kg, use 26kg or closest available. However, making the 60 reps here is more important than heavy weight. 

Kettlebell Jumping Squats – 30s work/30s rest for 10 minutes 

Post reps to comments. 



  1. WOD#1 @16kg
    KB cleans: 37/35, 32/31, 30/29 RT/LT
    KB Long cycles: 18/17, 15/14, 13/12

    Pull up ladder: 1..3..1

    Ran 5.77 in 31:13

  2. WOD #1
    53# (24kg) Cleans 42/36 37/32 35/32
    53# (24kg) LC 16/18 19/18 17/15

    WOD#2 1..5…1…5…1

    WOD#3 Didnt have time

    Took it easy today. Back is messed up and both arms are numb.

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