WOD 1:

Strict press ladder (30s between sets)
*1 rep right, 1 rep left, 2 reps rt 2 reps lt until almost failure, reset back to one and repeat sequence again to failure.

WOD 2:

Six rounds for time of:
25 air Squats
20 Push-ups
24 alternating lunge steps (can also be done as jumping lunges)
Run 400 meters (sub 1:15 of jump rope)
Rest 1:30 between rounds

Record time (minus rest) to comments.

Compare to 040113

Kettlebell Sport

7 Heavy one-arm jerks each arm – 10 rounds – rest as needed
7 Heavy one-arm swings each arm – 10 rounds – rest as needed

rest 5-10 minutes (stay loose)


GPP WOD from above.

Compare to 040113



  1. WOD#1 @16kg
    1..6, 1..5

    Did three rounds before I died. Donated blood yesterday, but don’t think I could’ve completed even if I hadn’t.

    1. The same thing happens to me. I think it’s because of the way I rotate at the waist when performing lifts with my dominant arm.

      If I am snatching with my dominant arm, my form starts to fail and I muscle through it. That usually ends badly.

      The same is not true on my weak side. If my form starts to fail, I usually stop the set.

  2. Wod 2: 25 squats, 15 (10 in second half) push-ups, 20 two-arm swings @53#, box jumps for 1:00. Rest 2 minutes.


    17:48 total

  3. Wod 1 1…8 and then 1…4 on the second run. (16 KG)

    Wod 2: 28.30 with rest, 21 without. I did the rope jump variant.

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