Yes, there is a time limit – but technique comes before speed.



2min kettlebell jerk RT
2min kettlebell jerk LT
1min rest

Rest 4 minutes

3 rounds:

2min kettlebell half snatch RT
2min kettlebell half snatch LT
1min rest


2min burpees
2min air squats
2min pushups

Post reps to comments.

Kettlebell sport

Sport level snatch/jerk or long cycle

6 double arm jerks – 10 rounds rest as needed (30s – 1 minute) Perform reps as fast as possible while maintaining technique. Make all the reps

20 minute kettlebell step ups



  1. WOD1
    Rt 20-20-20@40#
    Lt 20-20-20@40#
    Half snatch
    Rt 20-20-20@40#
    Lt 20-20-20@40#

    Somebody was using both 45#s today so going down a step was not by choice BUT it helped me in control and form.

    Burpee pull-ups- 11
    Air squats- 111
    Push-ups- 87

    Felt tired today. Still continuing with my 3mile run for warm up…continue to try and improve.

      1. Chow hall food is adequate. I think most likely need to add a meal/snack during the day. I will adjust and see what happens.

  2. WOD#1 @16kg
    KB Jerk: 17/16, 17/17, 18/17
    KB Half Snatch: 17/16, 17/17, 20/20

    Burpess: 21
    Air squats: 42
    Push ups: 26

  3. Dropped back to Level 7 @ 20kg.

    Double Jerks with the 20

    Step ups with double 16kgs. – going to hate this one tomorrow.

  4. It’s the same spot as before, upper back. Not as bad. THe first time that happened I was in bed for two weeks. And for a 28 year old who embraces pain, that cant happen again. Back to push ups and pullups. And then a back monster phase to try and get it licked.

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