WOD 1:

3 rounds:
2 minutes single -arm clean RT
2 minutes single-arm clean LT
30s rest

rest 4 minutes

3 rounds:
2 minutes single-arm Jerk RT
2 minutes single-arm Jerk LT

WOD 2:

3x max pullups
3x max hollow bodies

Kettlebell Sport

Rest as needed between movements:

Sport Level Jerk only (4 rounds)

Heavy double swings – fast 7 reps – 10 rounds. Rest 30s-1minute between rounds

Kettlebell Jumping Squats – 30s work/30s rest for 12 minutes



  1. WOD1
    Clean 30-30-30 ea side @45#
    Jerk 18-20-22 ea side @45#

    Pull-ups 10-10-10 felt very weak…usually these are easy up to about 30…tired

    Hollow body :30-:30-:30. Ugh, hate these…looks like I have some work

  2. Ouch. Form sucked and hurt my endurance. Approximately 25-27 each arm at 35#. Shoulders were fatigued. Subbed 1 min jerks. 6-8 per arm also at 35#.

  3. Level 7 with 20kgs
    Double 20kgs for the cleans. I am still waiting on my 24’s.
    140 Squat jumps with a 20kg bell. Going to love this one in the morning.

    Mat – heal up.

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