WOD 1:

3x max chin-up
3x max push-up

WOD 2:

15 minute AMRAP:

2 swing RT
2 squats with kettlebell in rack rt
2 push press RT

Repeat complex with LT arm for to equal one round.

Post total rounds and weight to comments.

WOD 3: (optional)

Sprint program

Kettlebell Sport

7min AMRAP single arm swings. Switch arms as needed, but rest in the rack position. Go directly into
7min AMRAP one arm jerks, switch as needed

3x max weighted pullups

Sprint program



  1. WOD1
    Chin-up 10-10-10
    Push-up 50-50-50 (went straight from chin up to push-up then :30 rest)

    16 sets @45#
    Legs were VERY sad today!

    10 x :10 with :30 recovery jog
    Also not fun.
    Great website with great workouts. And I can whine on here and no one cares.

  2. Kettlebell Sport Workout
    24kg Bell:
    188 swings
    102 jerks

    Weighted Pull Ups:
    12kg Bell:
    4, 5, 4

    30min jog.

  3. WOD 1: Pull ups then push ups straight away – 40 sec rest between sets
    12-9-6 , 50-20-14 (I’m not sure what happened on the push ups, out of it today)

    4 min rest

    WOD 2: 10 Rnds w/ 35# , 13 Rnds w/ 53#

    4 min rest

    WOD 3: 10×10 yrd sprints 30s rest between

    Nice one.

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