For time:

30 burpees
30 heavy double arm swings
25 burpees
25 heavy double arm swings
20 burpees
20 heavy double arm swings
100 air squats

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level jerk (4 rounds)
8 heavy and fast one arm swings each arm – 10 rounds – rest 30s between rounds

3x max pullups

Run 5k



  1. Hey,
    i follow this site since a while and I like it. I do normally regular CrossFit WODs, but I think to do only something with kb’s.

    Do you have an official warm-up?
    Whatt is with exercises like Handstand Push-Ups, Muscle-Ups, Double-Unders,…?
    I like this exercises, but you don’t use them!?

    Best regards from germany.

    1. Chris.

      No official warm-up. We encourage starting with easy monostructural stuff (jumping rope, running, rowing) moving into dynamic movement and mobility work, which is largely specific and is different from person to person (check out mobilitywod.com for some ideas).

      Higher skill movements (and I know gymnasts would say these are low-skill movements, but whatever) are awesome. However, this site is mostly used by people who are trying to get maximum fitness with a minimum amount of equipment or time. If someone has only 45 minutes in a day to give to a workout, maximum fitness will not come spending a majority of that time working on muscle-ups. So the WODs will tend to stick to basic movements because they will provide a greater intensity in a shorter amount of time.

      You can certainly sub higher-skill movements in if you want. If you can perform these movement with a high degree of proficiency, you probably already have an idea of where you could plug them in. If you just want some time to do some skill work, you would perform this before the scheduled day’s WOD(s).

      1. Phil,

        thanks for the fast answer. I have a few ideas to plug in higher-skill movements into your wod. For example I would do Muscle-Up and/or HSPU-Ladders instead of regular pull-ups/push-ups. Or 3x max Muscle-Ups / 3x max HSPU. Maybe an AMRAP 7 of Double-Unders to add a little more volume. Is this ok?

        I’ve got another question to you: After my CF-L1 certification, I like to open a box in germany. But I think, that the regular CF-exercises, especially the olympic-lifts are hard to learn. So I think about to open a box only with kb’s, sandbags, medballs, rowers, plyo-boxes, jumpropes and gymnastic movements. What do you think about this?

        Best regards,

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