WOD 1:

3x max pushups
3x max pullups

WOD 2:

15minute AMRAP:

18 single-arm swings (9 each arm)
5 box jumps
400m run

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level snatch or long cycle (4 rounds)

If doing snatch, Single-arm jerk: 10 rounds – 9 fast reps each arm, rest as needed

2x Max pullups

25minutes kettlebell step-ups


One comment

  1. Kettlebell Sport Workout:
    Level 8 snatch, 4 rounds, 20kg

    Single-arm jerk 9 x 10 per arm. 24kg minimal rest

    Pull-Ups: 9, 8,

    Step ups with 2 12kg bells.

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