20min AMRAP:

5 box jumps
10 heavy swings
10 pushups
3 pullups
400m run

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level snatch (4 rounds)

Heavy one-arm jerk – 9 fast reps each arm – 10 rounds, rest as needed

Run 5k



  1. 3.3mi in 31:00 for warm up
    18″ box
    60# kb
    4 rds @19:20

    4:00 rest

    5rds @ 9:37
    10@45# push press RT/LT
    10 body weight goblet sqt

    4:00 rest
    WOD 1 (without run this time) 6rds @ 7:44
    18″ box. 60# kb
    I think I will sleep in tomorrow.

  2. Did 420 box step ups in 20 min with 35#. Then 150 situps/leg raises. Shoulder still tender at times only at full extension in front. Tomorrow will work on presses.

    1. Correction, Level 9 for KB sport. The 4th set was tough and switched to half snatches at 30 seconds to go for both left hand and right hand.

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