Pull-up ladder

WOD 2:
10 rounds:
10 single arm swings each arm
10 goblet squats
5 push presses each arm

Enact a 20 burpee penalty after the wod for each time you drop the bell. If you used too light of a bell, enact an appropriate amount of burpees.

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Jerk or long cycle (4 rounds)

10 Heavy single arm swings each arm, rest 30s-1minute – 10 rounds

10 minute jumping squats AMRAP
*Rest as needed to go the full 10, but do not set the bell down.



  1. 3mi 24:00
    1-10-1 =100 pretty stoked and then….sadness
    Sets 1&2 @45#
    Set 3&4 swings only @45#, g-sqt and press@35#…
    I will be going back later tonight to finish up and uh…do some burpees to!

  2. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Level 9, 4 rounds (on the 4th round, completed 3 minutes at pace. felt strong)

    Sport Swings 10×10 each arm with the 24kg

    Squat Jumps: 16kg, 125 reps.

  3. Coach.
    I have a comp coming up on August 17. The allowable kb weights for men are 16, 24, 32, and 40kg. I’d love to compete with the 24’s, I know I can do extremely well with the 16’s. Currently I train with the 24’s and am sitting solid at Level 10. Think I can compete with the 24s by august or stick with the sure thing with the 16kg bells? This may give me a reason to buy some proper competition grade 24kg bells.

      1. Several. The first time I competed with the 12’s and finished at 109 Jerks and 120/115 Snatches. The second time I competed with the 16’s and finished with 97 Jerks and 105/107 Snatches. The third time I was planning on competing with the 20’s but broke my right arm 2 weeks prior so I unofficially competed with my left arm only. 16kg 152 Jerks only 57 Snatches.
        All of those were WKC sanctioned events. The upcoming event is an AKA/IUKL event so the weight classes and scoring are a bit different. Each lift is a point 1 point per jerk, 1 point per snatch. Final score is point total. So in order for me to make at least Rank 3 with the 24’s, my numbers would need to be around 40 – 50 Jerks, and 40 – 50 Snatches per arm with the 24’s. (That is if I am reading the tables right). In my head, I can hit those numbers. I’ve never actually done it though.

      2. You are far enough out you could test. I might suggest next week:

        Monday- WOD
        Tuesday-light running/mobility
        Wednesday-WOD w/24s but half the rounds (leave a lot in the tank)/mobility
        Thursday- light Jerk/Snatch work with 12s/mobility
        Friday- Test like as close to competition as possible (warmup, time between events, etc)

        That would give us a better idea where you’re at. Make sure you’re getting enough protein/carb/fat/water so crappy diet doesn’t screw the numbers.

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