2x max pushups
2x max hanging leg raise
30+ minutes run/bike/row/jump rope (easy+more time is better than more intense+shorter time here)
2x max pushups
2x max hanging leg raise

Kettlebell Sport

Work your weaknesses.

If time, do GPP from above.



  1. Pu: 40-30-20-10
    LR: 10-10-10-10
    30:00 bike 8.96 mi
    PU: 50-40-30-20-10
    LR: 10-10-10-10-10
    Arms and chest sore…grip was weak on the bar too…
    Box step ups: 50R/50L
    Box jumps: 50

  2. Competition Test Results:
    Jerk: 45 Reps in 8 Minutes.
    Snatch: 42/42 in 9ish Minutes.

    Not good enough to compete tomorrow, but good enough to give me a fighting chance in 10 weeks.

    What would you suggest for the next 10 weeks? Will following the KB Sport WODs raise my time/rep count? Should I focus on working through the levels for the next 10 weeks and diversify after the comp?

    1. Sweet. You are right there man. This is your comp, so you can definitely do what you want, although following the KB Sport programming here would be a good test for us both. Since you are the only one that posts your stuff, I’ll write the programming with your 10 weeks in mind. Here’s what I’m thinking:

      Week 1-4:

      KB Sport level
      Heavy assistance
      Aerobic base

      This has been the template so far.We keep the 3 sport sessions, 2 GPP session split that is going on now.

      Week 5 Deload – Lighter bells, technique work, etc. Keep long aerobic/GPP going but at lower intensity.

      Week 6 – 8:

      Increase Sport Volume, decrease GPP. So instead of three sessions of Sport Work, we go to four: Snatch/Jerk/rest/snatch/jerk/GPP

      Week 9 – One or two regular sessions at the beginning of the week, then deload for comp.

      1. i don’t have a 32, but i was going to head to my supplier and either get two 28s or one 32. what do you think? what would better for the upcoming prep?

  3. 2x max pushups- 35, 25
    2x max hanging leg raise- 10, 10

    30 minutes run~~ 1.35 miles 12 min? (was running out of time, so had to cut this short)

    2x max pushups- 30, 30
    2x max hanging leg raise- 10, 10

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