WOD 1:

12 minute AMRAP:

Kb push press

Any rep count, partitioned any way. Post totals to comments.

WOD 2:

Repeat 3 times:
1 mile run
Rest half your time

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level jerk (3 rounds)

3x submax reps (85%) – Static hold jerk: slow 5 seconds rack position, jerk, 5 seconds top position. Rest until recovered before next effort.

12 minutes: 30s on/30s off kb jumping squats



  1. WOD 1:
    12 minute AMRAP:
    Pushups- 20
    Pullups- 6
    Kb push press- 35# / 8 each arm
    Total: 5 + 7 pushups

    WOD 2:
    Repeat 3 times:
    .5 mile run (didn’t have time for the full mile. my route was a little over a half mile)
    Rest half your time
    Times: 4:42, 5:08, 4:34

  2. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Jerk Level 10, 24kg bells, 3 rounds, 7-8 rpm constant pace. Felt great. will consider moving to L11 based on how snatch L10 feels.
    *Coach, quick question, should I try to stay on the same level for jerk and snatch or is it alright to progress faster in one than the other. The competition point system is Jerk total plus Snatch total. This means that a strong performance in the jerk can make up for a weaker score in snatch.*

    Lockout Work: 3 sets with the 24kg (my 28’s aren’t in yet). Reps: 9, 11, 10. Pushed a little harder each set. probably could have hit 11 on the first set but was trying to feel what 85% effort was.

    Jumping Squats: 20kg bell behind head. 152 reps.
    Did not set bell down throughout the set.
    To be honest the last 10 or so reps weren’t as much a jump as they were an excruciatingly painful (good pain, not bad pain) set of deep squats with my heels barely coming off the mat.

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