WOD 1:

10min AMRAP:
10 goblet squats
10 Single-Arm swings each arm
5 Pushups
*you may need to use different weights for squats/swings. That is fine.

Post total rounds to comments.

Rest 5 minutes

10minute AMRAP:
Single-arm long cycle, switch arms as needed.

Post total reps to comments

Kettlebell Sport

Rest as needed between movements.

Sport level jerk (4 rounds)

Heavy one-arm swings – fast – 11 reps each arm, rest 30-60s. 10 rounds

3x max L-hang pullups

1x max sumo squats



  1. #1: 8 rounds
    #2: 126
    All done with a 35 # kb.
    I asked this the other day and didn’t get a response… I’m going to get another kb and was wondering if I should get a 60# for the exercises that need a heavier bell, or a 45# to move up on everything?? Thanks for advise.

    1. Buying both would be great – but you are probably asking because of the expense of buying two. You will probably get more use from a 40. Heavy swings are awesome, but a heavy bell will typically only be used for heavy swings. A 40 you will be able to use for more of the movements.

    2. Good question and response. I have 2-16kgs and 2-24kgs. I want 1-20Kg and a 1-32kg bell to add to collection to bridge gap from 16kg-24kg and to have one for heavy swings. I can handle the 53 for swings and cleans pretty well.

      What brands does everyone like? My bells now are DragonDoor. I am looking at Ader or Rogue for two new ones.

      1. DragonDoor makes great bells, they are just really expensive. If you can find a dealer that sells local, you can avoid shipping.
        I, personally, only use competition style bells. At one time I trained with non-comp style bells and of all the ones i tried, I loved Ader kettlebells the most. And they’re relatively easy to find at local dealers.

  2. Thanks JHM – I LOVE my DragonDoors. They are great. I’ve heard great things about the Aders. I am looking closely at the Rogue bells over Ader’s if I cannot avoid shipping.

      1. They look like solid bells. I am sure you’d be happy with them. At the end of the day you just need to make sure its single-piece construction. I had a handle break off a bell a couple years ago because the handle and bell were made separately and bound together later.

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