Rest and mobility.


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  1. Kettlebell Sport Training
    Jerk Level 12, 4 rounds, 24KG bells.
    Felt Strong. Had no problems with the sets. A little stressed in the rack on the last set. Feel confident that I can move to level 13.

    Sport Swing, 24KG bell, 10 sets of 11 reps w/ each arm.
    Felt good. Can’t wait to start swinging the 28s

    Circuit for 3 rounds:
    Max Pull-Ups (dead hang)
    Max Push-Ups
    Hand Stand Hold
    Hollow Body Rocks, sets of 5 rocks.
    Supermans, 2 count hold.

    11, 30, 20 count, 9, 20
    12, 33, 25 count, 7, 25
    12, 30, 25 count, 7, 22

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