WOD 1:

3x max hanging leg raise (try to hold top position each rep)

WOD 2:

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

2 kb swing RT
1 clean RT
1 kb squat in front rack
2 push press RT

Repeat complex with Left arm for one round.

WOD 3:

AMRAP in 5minutes:

Air squats 30s work/30s of rest

Kettlebell Sport

Ascending time ladder jerks:

1:00 min double arm jerk
1:00 min rest
1:30 min double arm jerk
1:00 min rest
2:00 min double arm jerk
Continue until you can’t make a time, then reset back to 1:00, ascend until failure again then stop.

Post total reps to comments.

Sport Level snatch (3 rounds) but perform a one-arm swing before each snatch.

3x Max pullups – hang from bar after final pull-up in each set until you have to let go



      1. I figured but in the wod above there is no left so I was unsure. If you don’t mind me asking what is your background? Solid programming

      2. It says “repeat with left arm”. Typing that just makes it a little clearer than retyping the whole complex again.

  1. Coach,
    I am the proud owner of two shiny orange 28kg comp bells. Woo Hoo. So you know (for programming and such). I have a set of 8’s, 12’s, 16’s, 20’s, 24’s, and 28’s.
    For the Jerk sets and Snatch sets today. Are both supposed to be at comp weight? I know typically assistance is heavier. Which of today’s sets is assistance? Or are both? I can totally give both sets a try with the 28’s today.

      1. I’ll stick with comp weight. I am progressing nicely with my Jerk numbers/endurance, my Snatch numbers are a little low for my liking.

  2. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    Double Jerk Time Ladders:
    8, 11, 15, 17, 20 – 71 Total
    7, 10, 15, 18, 15 – 65 Total

    Sport Level 6 Swing/Snatch. Felt good. Need to work on prepping the handles next time. I destroyed my hands on these.

    No pull-ups. Destroyed my hands on the snatch.

    1. Sick. Cotton gloves until they heal? If you need to punt the snatches tomorrow, you could do jerk static hold stuff, the jerk assistance work, and the stepups? But do whatever you need to.

      1. Will see how they are in the morning. Pampering them tonight. New bells, the handles need some tlc/sanding/chaulking. I’ll see how the paws feel tomorrow.

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