Both GPP and Kettlebell Sport

WOD 1:

3x max pullups


15min one-arm long cycle

Post weight and total reps to comments.



  1. Kettlebell Sport Training:
    I did the workout from yesterday and added the pull ups from today.

    Snatch Level 7, 4 rounds, 24kg. 12-14rpm
    Took time to prep the handles. Felt much better. Still struggled on the 4th round. Maybe ready to move to level 8.

    Heavy One-Arm Jerk:
    10 sets of 8 for each arm. 28KG. Felt strong.

    25 min step-ups with 20KG bells either hanging, racked or sitting on shoulders.

    12, 12, 12.

    1. Something to try next week with the step-ups: use the 24kg or 28kg in a backpack. If you want the stimulus of hanging, rack etc., fine, you might need to use the 20kg. When I do stepups I’m trying to get the entire body plowed with as heavy as weight as I can use for the duration with as many reps as possible, something that is harder to do when you’re fighting bell position.

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