WOD 1:

4x max Pullups

WOD 2:

50 air squats
50 single-arm swings (25/25)
40 Air Squats
40 sing-arm swing (20/20)
30 Air Squats
30 single-arm swings (15/15)
20 air Squats
20 single-arm swings (10/10)
10 air Squats
10 single-arm swing (5/5)

WOD 3:

4x max pushups

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Jerk (4 rounds)

Heavy and fast single-arm swings – 9 each arm – 10 rounds. Rest 30s between rounds.

60 Goblet Squats with 28kg <—- but use a weight that will get you to 60 mostly unbroken



  1. Kettlebell Sport Training

    Jerk L13, 4 Rounds, 24kg bells, 7-8 rpm.
    Good set. will move to L14 next jerk session.

    Swings, 28kg bell
    Felt good. Need to work on grip strength. Snatch is is improving.

    Goblet Squads, 28kg bell
    Completed all 60 reps. Had to take a breather at 30 reps and again at 45 reps.

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