WOD 1:

3 rounds, as a circuit:
Max Chinups
Max V-ups
26 Jumping Lunge

WOD 2:

100 Burpees for time

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Snatch (4 rounds)

Heavy single-arm Jerks – fast – 10 reps each arm, 10 rounds 30s between rounds

3x max Pullups

30s on/30s off jumping squats 12-15 minutes depending on how you’re feeling/weight used



  1. Started the sets this morning. Didn’t make it through the second set of snatches. My hands are seriously hurting. They need some TLC at the moment.

    1. I did some careful callus removal this morning. I think that was causing the pain. I will give the snatch sets another go this evening after work. With less than 2 months until the comp I can’t afford to tear anything seriously right now.

      On a side note, I have never asked you. Do you affiliate with any of the kettlebell sport associations like the WKC, IUKL, IKFF, or OKC? A lot of your demo vids come from the WKC site, but that may be just because they have the most education vids out there. At one time I was working hard to move up the ranks in the WKC, but after a certain point I realized that I am more interested in the sport in general than any one specific org.

      With your permission, I may snag your logo (the This Is Kettlebell logo, or another if you have one) and have it printed on a patch or t-shirt. Not that I am any kind of star or top competitor in the sport (yet), but representing on stage might bring some attention to the blog. Then again, If I fail miserably you might not want that publicity. lol.

      1. No affiliation here, WKC just had the videos. Honestly, I think the fact there are as many different organizations there are is stupid and while I realize everyone has a hand in the money pot, a thousand different organizations is only going to keep a fringe sport a fringe sport.

        Snag whatever you need. I should make t-shirts.

        You could think about doing single-arm swings instead of full snatches to give your hands a break. Consider hand balm to keep everything healing?

      2. I remove calluses often. I think I just need to get used to the new weight. I have used corn huskers, Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, and Badger Balm. I like them all. I have heard good things about Bag Balm. I may pick some up today.

        As far at the different orgs go, I get sick of reading different articles from the leaders of each bash the others. I recently read about the recent split of John Bukley’s org (OKC) from the IUKL (I think). One of the things that really chapps my arse is reading Fedorenko bash the manufacturers of other KB brands. I currently have pro-grade bells from three different manufacturers, and while they each have slight differences, they all work and as long as the two in any particular weight match, it doesn’t matter. I have noticed though that if you are doing long jerk sets using slightly different bells, form begins to suffer as the hand/rack/lockout position is slightly different from right arm to left arm.

        In my opinion the IKFF has come the closest to playing nice with different KB worlds (Girevoy Sport, Crossfit, Powerlifting.) I have long been searching for a coach/gym/programmer who cares more about the sport and less about the name.

      3. Agree. It was Buckley and the IKFSA that had a falling out, and Rachinsky and the IKFSA, and Federenko and all of Russia, and…..

  2. 06.26.2013 217.2- 17.2%
    WOD 1:
    3 rounds, as a circuit:
    Max Chinups – 16, 10, 10
    Max V-ups – 12, 11, 10
    26 Jumping Lunge

    WOD 2:
    100 Burpees for time
    Time: 17:32 (was 22:40 on 05.23.13)

    Btw, I would totally buy a t shirt and tank top!

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