15 min AMRAP:

One-arm long cycle, with a squat.

For example:

Clean RT
Squat with kb in rack
Jerk RT

Repeat. No squat after the jerk. Switch arms as needed.

Post totals to comments (this is a benchmark).

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level jerk (4 rounds)

3 rounds:

Right arm Heavy one-arm swings until 4 or 5 reps left, then switch and do the same with left arm. Rest 1 minute between rounds.

These are “lazy” swings. Height doesn’t matter focus on hip/arm contact and movement.

As a moderately paced circuit:
3x max pull-ups
3x max v-ups
3x max push-ups



  1. GPP
    Started with a 20kg kettlebell and did 43 reps with each arm, then switched to a 16kg (right shoulder felt weird) and did another 18 reps each arm.
    Total 122 reps
    Finished with an abs’ session.

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