Both GPP and Kettlebell Sport

Swingin’ Cindy w/ 200m run

3 pullups
10 pushups
15 air squats
20 single arm swings (10 each arm)
200m run



  1. Took a couple days off (unintentionally) so I decided to use the fresh arms/legs/back/hands to test out with the 24’s

    Jerk: Completed all 10 minutes best yet. Slow and steady pace of 5-7rpm. Ended up with 57 total reps.

    Snatch: Still progressing. Still pushed through the full 10 minutes though (5 per arm). Had to drop to half snatch a couple of times to give the forearms a rest. Still completed 36 reps with the left and 45 with the right. Those numbers are lower than I’d like but still a PR as far as overall performance.

    Jerk Total + Snatch Total = 138.

    Good, but I want better.

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