Wod 1:

3x max chin-ups
3x max v-ups

Wod 2:

6min/2 minute rest/6min AMRAP:

12 alternating kb lunges
4 push press each arm
10 single arm swings each arm

Wod 3:

3x max push-up

Kettlebell Sport

Sport level snatch (4 rounds) first round heavy if possible

3 rounds: Static hold double-arm jerks. Heavy bells. At least a slow five count in each position.

25min Kettlebell step-ups



  1. I am officially frustrated with my snatches. I can’t tell if it’s poor hand prep, too much weight too often, bad diet, poor sleep. I don’t know. I am starting to consider dropping down a weight for the comp. My jerks are progressing nicely, my snatch progress has stalled.

    I dropped back to snatch level 3 for 4 rounds. First round with a 28, the following three with the 24.

    Double Jerks w/ a 5 count hold at the top and in the rack. 2 28kg bells.
    – 6, 7, 10

    25 min stepups. 2 24kg bells hanging by my side. Used wrist straps to save grip. Lasted 10 minutes, Switched to the 20s to complete. – again, frustrated.

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