WOD 1:

As a circuit:

Pushup ladder
*Add two reps each set until failure. Reset back to 2 pushups and repeat again until failure.|
Pullup ladder
*Add one rep each set until failure. Reset back to 1 and repeat again until failure.

WOD 2:

7min AMRAP/3min rest/7min AMRAP:

Run 400m
10 Double-arm Push Press
10 Double-arm Swings

Kettlebell Sport

Sport Level Jerk (4 rounds)

3 rounds, resting 3 minutes between sets: Heavy one-arm swing – Swing RT until 3 or 4 reps left in grip, switch and repeat LT

EMOTM (Every minute on the minute) for 10-15 minutes sprint (80%-90% effort) 50 meters



  1. WOD#1 2/1…16/8 (70/36) 2/1…16/8 (7-/36)
    WOD#2 Push Press 40kg (44#) Swings 25kg (53#)
    1rnd +3swings
    2rnds + 50m (shortened runs to 200m too much walking otherwise)

    1. WOD 1:
      18 (90 total), 8 (36 total), 16 (72 total), 8 (36 total)

      WOD 2:
      I only have one 35# kb, so the presses took me longer than it should have… But this workout absolutely killed me!
      2 rounds, 2 rounds (only 200m run on last round)

  2. #1 push up to 12 (+8) frist round and up to 10 second round.
    Pull up up to 5 first round and up to 4 (+4) second round.
    #2 3 rounds, two 12kg on both exercises.
    got a visitor after the first round and had to break.

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